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Benefits of Caffeine: Natural Cellulite Remedy

Cellulite: Natural Cellulite Remedies
by Diane Irons

If you have cellulite, welcome to the club. Over 80 percent of women have this lumpy, bumpy skin. I've seen it on women of all sizes and shapes. What's the good news on such a nasty subject? There are natural and effective ways to diminish its appearance.

Caffeine is the first ingredient in most cellulite treatments. The same way caffeine gets us moving in the morning, it can also help to get our fat cells moving. So head to your coffee makers, girls, and go for the high octane stuff.

Do what famous models do ritualistically, and what beauty contestants to before that big swimsuit walk. Line your bathroom floor with newspapers, and then sit on the edge of your bathtub with used coffee grounds. Make sure that the coffee grounds are still warm, but comfortable, to the touch. If they've cooled down, simply heat them briefly in the microwave.

Rub them into the cellulite-laden areas of your legs using your hands or a loofah mitt. Although the grounds will pretty much hit the newspaper quickly, a residue will remain. Ideally, seaweed should be wrapped around the area to detoxify. If you are unable to find lengths of seaweed at your health food store or natural supermarket, use plastic wrap. Wrap completely around the upper leg and let set for a few minutes.

To intensify the treatment, take an old-fashioned rolling pin and roll the area to further smooth out the cellulite. Unwrap, brush the remaining grounds onto the newspaper, and rinse thoroughly.

For top results, you should do this treatment at least twice a week.